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About the Malutkowo nursery

Welcome to the website of a private nursery Malutkowo, which is located in Cracow in the district of Prądnik Czerwony. The advantage of our nursery school is its rich educational offer, and comprehensive development of a child is our priority.

Malutkowo is a place where every child can learn the basics of English from an early age, take part in interesting art, movement, music, sensory or dance classes and develop their passions.

The nursery is the place where our children spend a large part of their day when they are still very young and just getting to know the world around them. Our aim is to comprehensively support their physical and cognitive development and to shape their sensitivity and imagination.

In the nursery, our little ones acquire many social and communicative competences and awaken and develop their talents.

Our private nursery Malutkowo provides and guarantees excellent quality meals, which are prepared in our kitchen. They are very varied and selected to meet the nutritional needs of our little ones.

Malutkowo is an excellent investment in the future of your little ones.

Żłobek Łepkowskiego 5

Przedszkole Łepkowskiego 7

Krakowskie Żłobki i Publiczne Przedszkole w Krakowie

NIP: 685-103-74-89

REGON: 121870434

Numer konta bankowego: 72 1050 1445 1000 0090 9130 5319