Malutkowo has its own kitchen.

We prepare, among other things, on site:

butter, compote, cocoa, freshly squeezed juices, yoghurts, cakes, yeast cakes, desserts, toasts, sauces and sweet and savoury toppings. We provide dairy-free and vegetarian diets, poultry-free diets, pork-free diets, egg-free diets, etc. – depending on children’s allergies and food intolerances. We do not use ready-made products. We serve children meals made from the best quality healthy products.

Our kindergarten received

Academy of Healthy Preschoolers certificate.

Menus are prepared in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition for children on the basis of the guidelines of the Food and Nutrition Institute. The kitchen is supervised by SANEPID.

The menu is planned for the whole week and is available for parents/guardians on the board in the children’s changing room and in the Parent Zone. Please report any allergies or food intolerances of your children. At Malutkowo we promote healthy eating. We organise activities where children can prepare their own meals. We celebrated Pizza Day and Chocolate Day – it was delicious! In addition, the Little Ones have the opportunity to prepare fruit salads and squeeze fresh juices themselves.

Żłobek Łepkowskiego 5

Przedszkole Łepkowskiego 7

Krakowskie Żłobki i Publiczne Przedszkole w Krakowie

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REGON: 121870434

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