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At Malutkowo, we benefit from the experience of our cooks, who take care of the taste and dietary needs of the youngest children. The menu is prepared in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition for children on the basis of IŻiŻ guidelines. The kitchen is supervised by SANEPID. Contrary to trends in the catering market, it is based on natural products (vegetables and fruit without the use of chemicals). True enthusiasts of good old grandmotherly food traditions watch over the selection of grams and calories needed for the proper and healthy development of children. Warm meals are delivered in special thermoses, which guarantee their appropriate temperature. The lunches tempt not only with their unique taste, but also with their attractive, aesthetic appearance.

The menus are arranged on the basis of:

  • Regulation of the Minister of Health of 26 July 2016 on groups of foodstuffs intended for sale to children and young people in units of the educational system and the requirements to be met by foodstuffs used as part of collective nutrition of children and young people in these units
  • Recommendations and recommendations of the Food and Nutrition Institute
  • Principles of healthy nutrition based on the guidelines of the Pyramid of Healthy Eating and Activity 

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Żłobek Łepkowskiego 5

Przedszkole Łepkowskiego 7

Krakowskie Żłobki i Publiczne Przedszkole w Krakowie

NIP: 685-103-74-89

REGON: 121870434

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