Nursery stay

Information on subsidies granted by the Municipality of Krakow

Administrative fee – PLN 600

The administration fee is payable on the day the contract is signed and is valid for the 12 months of the contract. The fee includes the child’s insurance, a basic layette and a guaranteed place in the nursery.

Nursery school fees - PLN 650*.

* Nominal tuition fee is PLN 1800. Tuition fees are subsidised by the City of Krakow in the amount of PLN 3.50 for each hour a child stays at the nursery. Parents of children not covered by the Family Capital of Care (RKO), after submitting an application for co-financing of a place in a nursery at ZUS, pay a fee of PLN 650. Parents of children covered by the Family Capital of Care (RKO), pay a fee of PLN 1050.

Tuition fees are payable to the nursery’s account in advance by the 5th of each month.
As part of the tuition fee we provide:

  1. Comprehensive care for up to 10 hours a day (from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
  2. Daily music and movement activities.
  3. Daily art activities.
  4. Daily walks and outings to the playground (depending on weather conditions).
  5. Nursing and hygienist care.
  6. Organisation of birthday parties for the little ones during the opening hours of the nursery.
  7. Photographic documentation of the child’s stay at the nursery.

Hourly passes - PLN 250 - 500

Hourly passes:

  • 10 h/month – PLN 250
  • 20 h/month – 330 zł
  • 30 h/month – 420 zł
  • 40 h/month – 500 zł

A pass to be used in 1 month of the child’s stay in the nursery.
Unused hours can be transferred to the following month.


19 zł/day

The cost of full board (breakfast, soup, second course, afternoon tea) is £19 / day.
The cost of individual meals:

  • breakfast – 4 zł
  • soup – 3 zł
  • second course with
  • snack – 12 zł

The cost of vegetarian and dairy-free diets is +2 zł/day.

Food is settled at the end of the month. Parents pay for used portions by the 5th day of the following month.

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